My name is Dr Nina Ockendon-Powell and I launched Wild Happy Well in 2017 whilst on maternity leave with our first child, Archie. With a passion for science I have undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in (cellular and molecular) pathology and a doctorate in molecular ecology and comparative genomics. In my career so far I’ve held various analytical and management positions in the public sector. In my spare time I love to dance, specialising in vintage cabaret. I adore yoga and meditation, and I try to do around 15 minutes of mindfulness meditation every weekday, either in or overlooking our garden. Married to Jon, we live in Bristol but often visit south Cornwall where I grew up. Hurray for pasties!

I love being beside the sea, but I’m also in my element in a forest, walking the hills, or simply being in a nice garden. I’ve always found I feel healthier and happier when I’ve spent time in nature and now science is showing how being connected to nature provides many specific benefits to our mental and physical wellbeing.

Here at WHW I write about the science behind why nature makes us feel good and tell you about my experiences as I try to enhance the nature connection of our little family. I review products, places, and experiences which help individuals and families bring nature more into their daily lives. Plus I share my exploits as I try (sometimes in vain!) to improve my gardening skills…

I’d love it if you kept in touch – add your comments to my posts to let me know what you think.

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Everything I write is my own opinion, not endorsed by any third parties. I include links to sources of information I write about and I acknowledge all forms of sponsorship.