“Our minds and bodies are embedded within the natural world such that when we breathe in, nature breathes in with us, and when we breathe out, nature also breathes out. We are of the nature of nature; it exists in us and we exist in it” (Van Gordon et al, 2018)

The Wild Happy Well olfactory table

Wild Happy Well exists to help people experience more joy, satisfaction, and better wellbeing in their lives by connecting to that thing we instinctively know is good for us: nature. Wild Happy Well uses up-to-date research findings to provide evidence-based advice and ideas to help you and those you care about reap the health and wellbeing benefits that being connected to nature can bring.

“Rather than simple exposure to nature, there is emerging evidence that an affinity or connection to nature is good for well-being to a level similar to established variables such as income and education. The construct of nature connectedness is seeing one’s self as part of a wider ecology and has a positive impact on valuable workplace factors such as vitality, creativity and happiness, while also leading to other benefits such as pro-social behaviour and pro-environmental behaviour.” (Richardson et al, 2017)

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